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Clash Of Clans Finally Got the Builder Back


Just in case you missed it, our favorite Builder just returned to Clash of Clans. He went away a while ago and now he is finally back. Let’s take a look at his exciting journey.

Bye Bye Builder

A while back Clash of Clans posted a video that announced the Builder’s departure. The video titled “Bye Bye Builder” gained millions of views and it showed the cheery worker witnessing the destruction of his buildings before finally giving up and leaving the village.

This was also a great marketing tool for the augmented reality filter that appeared soon after on Facebook. The camera effect allowed you to become the Builder or place him in various settings. This way, he had a chance to see the biggest cities of the world and he finally had some peace and quiet.

Back at home things were pretty dramatic and it appeared that the Builder will never return. The Witch and the Sorcerer had to take his place and protect the village against destruction using magic. Meanwhile a job advertisement appeared on Supercell’s website, searching for someone to fill in for the Builder.

The return

Players had given up hope when a new video appeared. “Come Back Builder” showed the other Clash of Clans characters trying to repair things on their own. However, they were terrible at it and the worst part was when a cannon loaded with Goblins lost control and it started destroying the village. A Baby Dragon is sent with a message for the Builder. He finds him near a big city, sitting on a bench and sculpting. The message impresses the little craftsman and he agrees to return home. He saves the city once again and we are glad to have him back.

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