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Microsoft Windows 10 KB4033637 Patch Comes with Bug Fixes


A week ago, Microsoft launched a patch for our Automatic Update. The thing is that this patch didn’t come with information on it. Users who run Win10 1607 and didn’t block forced patches, found out that their systems were run by a revised program and nobody knew what was the pupose of the patch.

The patch update is supposed to help Microsoft update machines to new versions of Windows. The update was concerning the Compatibility Appraiser. A user who called Microsoft about this patch was told that the patch was related to security issues concerning Flash.

Over the Microsoft forum you can see a lot of posts from users who blame the KB 4033637 Patch for issues such as:

  1. System freezes until system restore is used and then the Automatic Update forces the patch again.
  2. Second screen problems of recognition.
  3. Installation of the patch stuck in the middle of downloading and no longer working.
  4. USB drives not recognized in several laptops.
  5. Devices run slowly
  6. Wi-Fi and Internet connection have been killed by the patch for some users.

Günter Born linked on his site some information on the KB4033637 Patch. Apparently, the patch aims to diagnose and improve function in determining whether updates for Windows 10 Version 1607 are applicable or not. It was also mentioned that the update was placed in the Automatic Updates and it was downloaded and installed on the devices.

When users asked what’s with the KB4033637 patch, a Microsoft support employee answered that the updates are quality improvements and fixes. The explanation was followed by a few questions which seemed odd to most of the users:

“May we know why you’re asking for this specific update? Are you having issues with it? Can you tell us the OS Build version of your computer if possible?”

If you don’t trust any sort of update pushed by Microsoft through Automatic Updates, consider looking up a way of turning off Automatic Updates.

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