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iPad Pro 2 Update – A10X CPU or OLED Panel Improvements


According to the latest reports, the future iPad Pro 2 from Apple will be significantly improved when it comes to performance. From what it seems, it will be running on an updated version of the A10 CPU that is included in the iPhone 7. Rumor has it that the fusion processor will be called A10X and it will rely on a 10mm process node. Most likely, this will compensate for the device not having an OLED screen. This technology is apparently saved up for the lineup that will be released next year.

Stepping up the performance

The A10X chip will be using both high- and low-power cores in order to yield greater efficiency. The high-power ones will be used in heavy usage circumstances, while the low-power ones will be used for less intensive tasks, thus saving battery life.

There is also a benchmark result that leaked online which confirmed that the new chipset will bring better performance. The result, found on Geekbench, shows that the new product obtained 4,236 and 6.588 when running single core and multi-core tests. As you can see, this is indeed an improvement from the A10 chip (16nm based) that had scored 3,490 and 5,580.


Of course, Apple has always shown that they are willing to outdo themselves, but it seems that this time the company wants to rival the Snapdragon 835 made by Qualcomm. The latter is doing a great job inside the Samsung Galaxy S8 model, and precisely for this reason people think that the A10X will equal that in the iPad Pro 2.

Another thing that will make people like the iPad Pro 2 is the fact that it will supposedly be able to be connected directly to a Mac Pro, in a way similar to the Cintiq device.

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