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Pokemon GO Multiplayer Option Could Be Arriving Soon


Believe it or not, Pokemon GO is still played by lots of people. Niantic developer said that currently there are over 65 million people worldwide who are still playing the game each month. Moreover, the app has won the Best Mobile and Handheld Game award, which was given at the British Academy of Film, Television and Arts Game Awards. Moreover, IGN awarded the game the Mobile Game of the Year prize, and BBC Radio named it the Best Game in 2017.

Future possibilities

Last weekend, Niantic thanked everyone for all the awards they received and revealed some other details about future possibilities to come for people who are playing the game. One of the most interesting things the developers mentioned is the fact that the co-op multiplayer option could be arriving soon to Pokemon GO. According to them, players are in for a new and exciting co-op gameplay experience. However, for now we don’t have more information about the multiplayer features, but we hope that the developer will announce them soon enough.

They also said that this change will be just in time for spring arriving in the northern hemisphere, which is true. In this way, Trainers can find new reasons to spend more time outside and to enjoy the great weather to come.

Looking back, we have to admit that Pokemon GO was quite a hit. Immediately after its release it brought together millions of players, especially those who were nostalgic about the game of their childhood. Naturally, there were also lots of criticism, some associated with the fact that it caused accidents and even injuries or death, while some regarded the fact that after the high peak, the developers did little to keep their players loyal, which led to a decline in their numbers.

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