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iPhone 7 S and S Plus plans and iPhone 8 Release Date


There are a couple of things in life that people expect without hesitation each year, like Christmas, the summer break and of course, the release of a new iPhone. Apple has been thorough since the iPhone’s launch back in 2007 about bringing out a new bad boy every single year. Some upgrades featured legitimate improvements that had no problem standing out while other editions featured downright copies of the previous model with very minor modifications.  This year, everybody is focused on what is believed to be Apple’s best work yet, the iPhone 8.

Is there a block in the road?

It would seem however that there might be some problems with the release of this heavily awaited device. Initially, the new gadget was expected to arrive sometime during the month of September therefore fans have marked their calendars. Now however, it would seem that the potential release date for the device has been moved from September to a bit later in the fourth quarter of the year. With the iPhone 8 slated for a release only close to the year’s end, many are wandering if there are any major problems that are causing this apparent setback.

Newcomers in town

That’s not all however, as more interesting pieces to the puzzles see the light of day. Apple has recently revealed that it plans to release two new iPhone models this year, in the form of the iPhone 7S and the iPhone 7S Plus. Surely you might be wondering what these devices are intended to do for the smartphone market and ultimately for Apple.  The fact that Apple might release the two alongside the iPhone 8 sometime this year is a theory that most fans discard because showing them side by side would just make the huge contrast between them visible. It just wouldn’t be a good business decision for the two S handsets.

This led people to believe that the two might be coming as a plan B for Apple, in case something happens and the company is no longer able to provide the iPhone 8 in time. Although the two feature some modifications in comparison to the devices already available on the market, the spec lists clearly give away the fact that neither of them is the iPhone 8, a phone which has been going through an identity crisis throughout the community, no one knowing the official name of the phone. Speculations have brought forth a couple of names for the smartphone, like iPhone or iPhone Pro.

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