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Pokémon Go To Receive PvP Battles With New System Changes


When Niantic has released the announcement trailer of Pokémon Go, we’ve seen many gameplay features that this game has not received until now. One of those features is “PvP Multiplayer” and even if the developer has promised back then that it will bring it soon enough to the game, it has not done so.

What’s even worse is that Pokémon Go will celebrate its 1 year anniversary in July 2017 and it will be really bad for the developing company to not release it until then.

John Hanke, CEO at Niantic, has recently discussed the PvP Battle system at a high school. Unfortunately, Hanke has not talked too much about it, but he slipped a small detail about how this new feature will function once it will be released. According to the CEO, the PvP system in Pokémon Go will be one on one battle. This means that players should not expect any team-based battles when PvP will be released.

We remind you that previous rumors were suggesting that PvP Battles will allow you to team up with your friends and fight with other players. Well, it seems that this is not the case anymore, as Hanke has clearly mentioned that the system will be 1v1 only (when it will be released).

Now, everyone is thinking that the PvP system will be limited to 1v1 battles at the beginning, but a future patch will finally allow 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 battles also. Some new reports are suggesting that the anniversary update will be released at the first anniversary of the game.

Besides the PvP battles, there are many other new features and options that are expected to be released soon. One of them is the “trading system” that will allow you to exchange Pokémon with other players. By adding the trading system and the PvP battles to the Pokémon Go, Niantic might lure the players to this game.

Do you think that the PvP Battles and Trading System will be added to Pokémon Go soon?

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