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Clash of Clans Returns with Village Feature Where all Clan Members Help Sustain a Village


Clash of Clans is the kind of game that can self-sustain for a very long period of time thanks to the nature of the game. However, sooner or later, the game will need new updates if it is to prosper in the mobile game scene. That doesn’t seem to be a problem. As the impact of the last major update is fading, Supercell is preparing a brand new major update which will contain new features that are supposedly going to leave fans in awe. Fans have been debating what these new features might be, and even thought there is nothing official yet about the contents of this new mega patch, some eager detectives within the Clash of Clans community have potentially found an important clue.

If they are correct, the upcoming update might come with “Village features”. It’s not clearly said or known what that is, but an unused asset has been popping up after initially being discovered and discarded, this time associated with changing villages. What does “changing villages” mean? No one has a clue, but it’s apparently something that will be present in the major patch making its way to all Clash of Clans fans in the near future. This asset is of a shipwreck and it’s hard to determine how exactly that can be tied in with a feature involving villages.

Most must be wondering how are they to know that this isn’t just one of the many random rumors that Clans fans put out regularly. Well, it would seem that the idea submission board on the game’s website features interesting information that can be traced back to the aforementioned assets about villages.

The first point of business in a list of ideas that the company said it was allegedly taking into consideration was that of Clan villages. These clan villages would have a leader amidst the entire clan, elected by the clan, and the village itself would be something that all clan members chip in for. It is believed that the shipwreck assets represented the game’s future method of transferring goods to this public region among clan members.

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