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iPhone 8 Delays Caused By Apple’s Decision To Keep Adding Features


The Apple fans who are anxiously waiting for an iPhone 8 release may have to endure more delays for this happy event. From what it seems, the upcoming major release from Apple is being constantly delayed because the company is trying to cram in as many features and functionalities as they can.

If initially the iPhone 8 was to be released in September this year, according to the already established release structure, we have reports that show the launch has been delayed until October or November. This seems to happen because there is a problem with the sourcing for one of the components.

2017 plans

This year Apple should release various new devices, starting with the main iPhone 8 and ending with the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus. According to various rumors, the iPhone 8 will enjoy a great 5.8 inches display, since Apple wants to celebrate this year 10 years from the release of the original device.


The new hone might come together with a longer and wider display, given the fact that Apple decided to quit the physical home button, going for virtual inputs instead, which is quite similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8 strategy.

At the same time, the display will have a higher resolution and it will be more detailed than any other device we had before, thanks to the fact that the company decided to use OLED panels. This is definitely an improvement from the LCD units that are currently used on many devices.

Even so, precisely this valuable OLED displays might be the cause for so many delays in releasing the much anticipated device. The phone is expected to come with other interesting features, such as the 3D Sensing ones, which will let you open your phone by scanning your face, thus adding even more security for your device.

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