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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. iPhone 7 – Battery Life, Display and Other Features


The Android world has received lots of good news lately, and we got to see lots of headlines. Among the things we get to enjoy we can count: a new model for the Galaxy S8, plans Microsoft has to use the Samsung smartphone, the S8 model is rivaling the iPhone 7 and many others. At the same time, it seems that there are rumors about three Pixel smartphones and fans are happy to see some leaked details about new phones: Nokia 9, Huawei Honor 10 Plus etc.

An improved Galaxy S8

Samsung has recently confirmed a new premium model of the S8 Plus for the South Korean version of their own website. From what it seems, the new model would increase the memory to 6 GB and it will double the storage option for the base model, thus reaching 128 GB. If you use a microSD card to augment the space, you can also increase the storage to reach this amount, but you can’t really have more RAM.

Regarding the S8 Plus version, this should be arriving soon. For now the upgraded version will only be released for the customers in South Korea. However, there is also a certification for the Chinese market, so most likely it will not remain this exclusive.

Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7?

The OLED display that measures 5.7 inches in quite amazing, taking up almost all the front of the phone, if you compare it to the 65.6% ratio offered by the iPhone 7. The S8 is the first smartphone that obtains Mobile HDR Premium certification, which means it’s great for videos on the move. It offers a resolution of 2200×1800 pixels, which is the default setting for saving up battery. However, it’s still better than what the iPhone 7 offers, and for this reason people expect Apple to come up with an OLED iPhone.

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