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iPhone 8 Will Probably Get a Different Name


This year Apple will launch their new iPhones and the new question on these smartphones is how are they going to be called?

There are some features that we all know, such as edge to edge display, wireless charging and premium screen. But the phone’s name hasn’t been revealed yet.

While it was obvious that the new iPhone will be called iPhone 8 after the iPhone 7 models have been launched, now there are some doubts.

The newest iPhone will not be Called iPhone 8

You might ask yourself why we believe the new smartphone will have a different name. It’s because this year is the 10th Anniversary of the iPhone.

So the new iPhone will be called iPhone X (where X is 10 in Roman numbers, pronounced iPhone 10). This rumor comes from a reliable source which never failed on giving the right information when asked for it.

iPhone 8, iPhone X or iPhone Edition?

The rumor is however not 100% reliable as it isn’t based on anything more than speculation, but either way it makes sense that the 10th Anniversary should be marked like this. There were also a few rumors on 2017 iPhones which might be called iPhone Edition because they will be premium smartphones and of a better performance and quality than the previous iPhones.

Apple Will Host an Event on 12 September

We’ll soon find out whether one or more rumors turned out to be true or not on 12 September. That is the day when Apple will hold an event and might very well launch their new iPhone line, Apple Watch Series 3 and the 4K Apple TV.

So you either get to hold on tight for a few more days or check out more rumors until 12 September if you lack the patience.

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