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Resident Evil 7 DLC to Arrive this Winter


There has been official news on the next DLC for Resident Evil 7. Capcom has revealed that they’re launching them on 12th December.

There are two DLCs, one of which is called Resident Evil 7: Not A Hero. The DLC will be Free to play and feature Chris Redfield, a veteran. The DLC will come with another one which will follow Zoe’s story. If there are users who have a season pass, they can play the Zoe DLC for free. Those who didn’t get the season pass must pay $14.99.

The Zoe DLC has a lot of content as it focuses on concluding her story and introducing new enemies that must be confronted. Players will also get to play in a new location that looks like a swamp.

We don’t have info on Zoe being able to use weapons or if there are new weapons added in the DLCs, but it’s probable that Zoe could defend herself with some kind of weapons, since in the storyline we saw her helping Ethan get some equipment.

Attention! Spoilers!

Prepare to see some spoilers, you who didn’t play through the game so far. There is a “good” ending where Zoe lives and stands at the docks after her father died. The other ending was with Eveline killing Zoe as Ethan tried to help Zoe get out.

Other mentions on Zoe in the “good” ending haven’t been in Resident Evil 7. The Zoe DLC will let you figure out about how she fares and if she managed to escape the swamp. On 12 December players will find out if Zoe will get a happy ending or not.

On the same day Resident Evil 7 will also appear as a Gold Edition with all the DLCs in a single package. Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition is available for platforms such as PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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