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Is Truck Driving a Good Career Choice?: 6 Key Factors to Consider

Have you ever thought about becoming a truck driver? Perhaps the thought ‘is truck driving a good career for me?’ has entered your mind on more than one occasion.

If you’ve recently been made redundant due to the economic downturn caused by the Coronavirus then this could be an amazing opportunity that could give you a sense of purpose and raise some money.

So just how long does it take to become a truck driver and is this the right career for you? Here’s everything you need to know.


1. Lots of Time on Your Own

A truck driving career inevitability leads to you spending more time on your own. In a society where we are constantly simulated this can be a great thing. It gives you the time and the space to learn about to be on your own.

As humans, we crave the company of others but there are times where it’s important for us to spend time alone. Driving a truck means you will spend days at a time with just yourself or one other person for company.

If you want to get trucking insurance this can be more straightforward than in other careers. You aren’t exposed to a range of hazards from other people, only risks from the road.

2. Chance to Explore the Country

Becoming a truck driver and starting your truck driving career is an amazing way to see American and perhaps parts of Canada too. America is so big yet often so many of only see the states where we were born or currently live.

The idea of going from the cold depths of Maine to the sunshine state of California might seem overwhelming. Suddenly with a truck driving career, you can large parts of it.

Traveling America by road – just like those frontiersmen did after the Civil War, forging a new path – is good for your soul. It makes you realize how big the world is and how small your place is within it.

3. Good Career Prospects

A truck driving career can offer good long-term prospects. If you are paid on an hourly rate, then you will often have lots of hours if your journeys are long.

There’s also room for promotion. Truck drivers often have different ranks where certain drivers are trusted to drive more complicated machines. You could become an Ice-Road Trucker like the famous television series.

Alternatively, you could rise up the ranks and into management where you are scheduling and organizing the different routes of trucks.

Is Truck Driving a Good Career? Depends on You

If you are thinking about the question is truck driving a good career, then the answer is it depends on you and what you want.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, truck driving can be a great career. Since we are all having to spend more time on our own anyway, driving a truck is a way of putting that solitary time to better use.

If you are interested in learning more about the answer to the question ‘is truck driving a good career?’ be sure to check out the rest of our site.

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