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Safe Swimming: 5 Reasons Why You Need a Swimming Pool Alarm

There’s nothing better than having a swimming pool for those beautiful summer days. There’s also nothing scarier than someone potentially getting hurt in your pool when you’re not around.

That’s why alarm systems are imperative to a safe swimming experience.

Keep reading to learn the five reasons why you need a swimming pool alarm system for a safe swimming experience.


1. To Protect Your Family

If you have young ones they’re naturally going to be curious about their surroundings. A whopping 47% of children who were hurt in pools were at home. 

You’ll never be able to have your eye on your children 24/7, and that’s why a security lock and alarm system on your pool is a good choice. You can be alerted when the gate opens or when something falls into the water so you can have peace of mind.

2. Protect Your Neighborhood

It’s likely you’ll have other children in the neighborhood that come into your yard uninvited. To prevent any injuries, it’s important to have an alarm system if they do happen to stumble upon your pool.

Getting a loud alarm should be able to alert other neighbors and passerby’s who are near that someone is in your pool area and be able to get help.

3. Keep Pets and Animals Safe

If you have pets they could unwittingly stumble and fall into the pool without your knowledge. By having an alarm you can be alerted to any animals that accidentally fall in.

This is great for not only your pets but also for your neighbor’s pets and any outdoor animals that are looking for a place to drink without realizing they could fall in.

4. Makes Your Pool Safer

A lot of people wonder if pools are safe and if they should get one. They read statistics about how many children and people are hurt and badly injured in pool accidents it makes them not want to get a pool at all.

The truth is most things in life aren’t safe, but you can take steps to make them safer. We know cars are dangerous, but we wear our seatbelts to make them safer.

The same goes for pools, we know they can be very dangerous but by adding an alarm system you’re able to make it much safer.

5. It’s the Law!

In many places, you have to have an alarm or gate system in your pool. It can be a state law or even a local ordinance. Whoever put in your pool should know the local laws so make sure you ask them.

Before you install your next alarm system though, be sure to check out these big alarm company secrets that they don’t want you to know.

Install a Swimming Pool Alarm for Safe Swimming Today

Now that you know the five reasons why you need to install a swimming pool alarm for safe swimming take the first step today. Reach out to a local alarm company to get quoted and get the right system for you.

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