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Latest Adobe Flash Player Update: Do You Really Need It?


Adobe Flash Player is one of the oldest browser plugins on the planet, but its usefulness is steadily decreasing. In fact, many tech experts are urging people to remove the plugin from their PCs and laptops and rely on HTML5 and other languages. Because of this, a lot of computer owners are asking themselves: should I uninstall Flash Player or just leave it be?


The Importance of Adobe Flash Player Update

If you find yourself asking this question, you’ll want to keep Flash Player if you do the following:

  • Manage a website — If you own or run a website, you want as many people as possible to find and use your site. Since a lot of internet users nowadays still use Adobe Flash Player, you’ll want to enable this plugin and make your site accessible to your target audience.
  • Play online games — Numerous online games on Facebook and other sites rely on Flash Player to properly run their content. So, if you like playing Farmville, Candy Crush, and other games, you’ll want to keep your Adobe Flash Player.
  • Listen to music — Just like with playing online games, Flash Player is an important part of listening to music online. Spotify Web, for example, won’t run if you don’t have the latest version of Flash Player.

Uninstalling Adobe Flash Player

These are good reasons to keep Adobe Flash Player — but there are also good reasons to let it go. Here are some of them:

  • You want to make your system secure — Flash Player isn’t exactly the most secure plugin; in fact, it has many vulnerabilities that can be used by hackers to steal users’ information or even remotely access their device. Adobe is working hard to patch up these issues, but the fact remains that users are at risk of being victimized by cybercrime.
  • You need faster browsing speeds — One of the reasons why Apple didn’t incorporate Flash Player into the iPhone was that it slowed down browsing speeds. If fast browsing is important for you, you’ll want to ditch the Flash Player plugin.

Adobe Flash Player will likely be around for a long time, but its relevance is quickly fading. It’s up to you to decide whether you’ll continue using it or disable it now.

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