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Latest VidMate Full Version Download on Google Play Store


When it comes to the presence of applications like VidMate on the official Android app stores, you won’t really have any luck. This is because Google is not a big fan of services which allow you to download content from YouTube or any other services provided by Google.

YouTube is a major asset of Google and VidMate isn’t allowed on the official Play Store because it lets users download content directly from YouTube. Even if the video’s creator doesn’t allow offline viewing, VidMate lets you do so anyway.


“Save For Later”

Google lets mobile users download videos to their device for later viewing. So long as the YouTube app was used in the last month, the downloaded videos can be replayed. However once you haven’t opened the app in a while or its been too long since your device was last connected to an internet connection, the videos “expire”.

Expired videos can be reactivated by connecting your device to the internet again. However, when it comes to downloading music videos or similar content, the content creators might not like it. Not everyone wants you to download their biggest hit and rewatch it without generating them any ad revenue.

VidMate solves this problem

By allowing you to directly save any video regardless of what the content creators want, VidMate quickly replaced the “save for later” feature. This, however, was not good news for Google as it meant that those users would be able to share the video with others or even upload it to other streaming services without Google earning any revenue on it.

This is why services like VidMate will never be found on official app stores. It quite simply isn’t legal. As far as whether it’s your right to download videos for later viewing, perhaps we just need alternatives.

Limited Data Plans and Streaming Services

Not everyone has unlimited data to watch music videos over and over if all they want is to listen to some songs while on the go. Similarly, even if you have unlimited data perhaps your road trip goes through areas without any cellular coverage as far as the high-speed internet is concerned.

YouTube’s own offline viewing options help but only if the video is allowed to be downloaded. This is not the case for pretty much every video that Vevo pushes out. Vevo isn’t the only one though and most creative artists aren’t fans of allowing their videos to be downloaded either. There’s a lot of other issues as well, maybe you simply want a short 10-second funny video downloaded so you can send it over to your family over WhatsApp.  YouTube’s offline videos can’t be shared through third-party apps and you’re out of luck.

For all intents and purposes, YouTube prefers to keep its content to itself, so if you’re interested in sharing a funny or informational video with others, without having to give them a YouTube link. You’re going to need something like VidMate.

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