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Microsoft Surface Pro Reporting Issues and Mistakes


The new Surface Pro is a powerful device that managed to impress Surface fans thanks to its numerous improvements. It appeared that Microsoft’s product was a real success, pleasing both users and critics, and there were no serious complaints. But that is no longer the case. Many users reported three issues that they have encountered when they used the new Microsoft Surface Pro.

Too much noise

There have been complaints about the noise produced by the Surface Pro. Users were particularly unhappy with the Intel Core i7 models that also have fans. It is known that the Surface Pro 4 was a noisy device and the new Surface Pro managed to improve that. However, it still produces more noise than it should, some units more than others.

Pen jitter

This is another Surface Pro issue, but this one might be related to the new Surface Pen. According to some users, sometimes there is extreme pen jitter that does not even allow you to draw a straight line. This issue was encountered by more than one user, so it is not the case of a defective pen.

Excessive backlight bleed

This is the main problem for Surface Pro users. As it turns out, only some devices have this issue, there are people who own the Microsoft product and do not have any backlight bleed.

According to Windows Central “The issue is caused by the backlight behind the screen not being completely blocked by the other components on top of it. The problem is compounded by touch displays that have an additional digitizer layer that can cause more spacing and issues with bonding.” Nevertheless, this is not really a major problem since it won’t affect you too much.

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