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OnePlus 5 Phones Running Oxygen OS – Mod Comes With Stock Settings Modifications


When it comes to operating systems you can’t get perfection. There will always be some minor flaws, whether we refer to small bugs or certain settings that do not match our needs. This also applies to Google’s Android. Luckily for us, the XDA community is always there to come to the rescue and many members will help you to fix the small things that bother you.

There have been multiple users that complained about the Android stock settings and they did not enjoy certain minor aspects, such as the volume warning, various switches or the low battery notification. SyCreed, a Senior XDA Member, came up with a new mod that will fix all those things. SyCreed’s mood will only work for OnePlus 5 phones that have Oxygen OS. The mod was released with a flashable zip and it modifies the framework-res.apk file that can be found in /system/framework. You should create a backup just to be safe.

Let’s take a look and see what this new mod brings.

Framework modifications

  • If you did not like the low battery alert that appeared at 15%, SyCreed’s mod will fix that. The new low battery notification will appear at 10%. This way, you will be warned when your battery is really low and you actually need to charge your phone.
  • The notification panel will also get a small change and the Input Method switch will be removed.
  • This new mod will also help you with the height of the navigation bar. If you weren’t pleased with it before, now the height is 34dp instead of 46dp.
  • The mod enables Burn In Protection, similar to smart watches.
  • The annoying volume warning is gone as well.

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