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Nexus 5X RAM Upgrade Invented by A Chinese Technician


A technician from China has modded the Nexus 5X hardware from 2GB to 4GB of RAM!

This whole thing happened due to bootlooping. The XDA member Cathair2906 went to the LG’s service center from Hong Kong but came back quite disappointed. Practically, his Nexus 5X sadly bootlooped after his warranty has expired. After the customer service has declined fixing his device, he thought that he should also try fixing it unofficially, so he took it to a shop. The repairman suggested that since the CPU obviously had to be replaced and because the RAM is packed with the CPU, it would be the smartest move to also upgrade the RAM in the process.

Cathair2906 now has his Nexus 5X running on 4GB of RAM and he has practically witnessed the birth of an upgraded Nexus 5X.

After the upgrade, the phone is running perfectly smooth and it doesn’t seem to have any problems. The owner has also upgraded the phone from Android 6.0.1 to Android 7.1.1 using the official OTA.

This whole upgrading made him get $60 out of his pocket and he claims that he’ll also be able to increase the device’s storage. This is pretty cool and we should be having all sorts of people “repairing” phones in such a manner. It’s great to have your expensive phone charged up for such a small price.

Last year, around this time, there was news on another XDA member who modded his Nexus 5 to upgrade his internal storage from 32GB to 64GB. That particular hardware hack involved replacing the eMMC chip from the device with a new eMMC chip, and the whole thing required some smooth skills.

These are some interesting hardware modifications and the last one fixes one of Nexus 5X’s weaknesses, giving it extra longevity and this is quite a hack!

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