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Oppo R9 Plus, R9 and F1s To Be Available With Android Marshmallow Soon


OPPO company was a subsidiary of the BBK Electronics and it was set up back in 2004. Besides the phones that wear the same name, the company also sells Vivo and OnePlus branded devices. Recently they have seen a great growth, especially last year, since they focused more on great photo quality and, moreover, decent prices.


However, despite offering great devices, the company never topped with software support. It has indeed an Android skin, but this one is divisive, with slow or absent updates. And to make everything worse, all the phones they release come with obsolete OS versions. For example, the F3 Plus device, which made everybody excited about its specs, came running on the Marshmallow version.

Even more so, last spring we got to see the R9 model (also known as the F1 Plus), together with the R9 Plus device, running Android 5.1 Lollipop. It was the same with the F1s that was revealed in the late summer. However, there are still some good news: the three phones are getting an upgrade for the Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The update is going to become available in Australia, with the help of download links offered by the OEM’s regional support website. Even so, the links may work in other parts too.

If you are one of the OPPO R9 Plus, R9 of F1s device owners, then you should totally take advantage of the upgrade, even though it doesn’t bring the most recent Android version. There is a possibility that the company will also offer Google Assistant, so that you can at least take advantage of the latest developments in the Android world.

However, don’t hold your breath on the possibility of getting Android Nougat too soon, since most likely it’s going to take a while until they do so, if at all.

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