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Clash of Clans Upcoming Update Will Improve The Overall Experience


In a streak of good news, it seems that Supercell is going to release a new update for the Clash of Clans game this month. Their purpose is to preserve the game in a peak playing condition, since we know that this studio is making all their efforts in order to constantly improve the games they released. Even though they already are one of the best video game publishers on the market, they want to make sure they are still the top.

What Are They Bringing New?

IlkkaPaananen, who is the Supercell co-founder, showed in an interview given for the Financial Times that the fact that neither Clash of Clans, nor other Supercell game was present in the top 10 games list last summer was truly a wake-up call for the developers. He was honest in admitting that they didn’t listen too much to their players, and perhaps this was the main cause of the disaster.

As such, Supercell wants to try even harder to keep their games fresh and appealing. Paananendeclared that he is optimistic about Clash of Clans, since he thinks that the real test for the success of a company is when their sales are not going so well.

Upcoming Update

In their attempt to keep their fans, the company will bring an update that would allow for a balance between the Attack and the Stats in the game. From what it seems, the balance patch will be channeled on improving the TH11, which was also the topic of a previous update for Clash of Clans.

Players should receive clearer options when they want to design their bases too. The level 5 to 7 hit points should be also bumped, but perhaps the most important update is the fact that the level 12 walls might be finally included in the game.

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