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PlayStation VR vs. HoloLens – Which is the better VR system?


When we talk about the current Virtual Gaming environment, there are at the very least two big competitors, namely the Sony PlayStation VR and the Microsoft HoloLens. These have been counterparts in the VR arms race, and as such, a comparison between the two is warranted.

Sony PlayStation VR

The first characteristic to look on is the connectivity quality of the headset. It is manufactured by Sony and should be connected through their consoles in order for it to work. It is able to interface only with USB and HDMI cables.

Their VR system is geared towards gaming, and as such Sony is working really hard to make sure that the different titles they are releasing are made available for this VR device. Therefore, since the release of the PlayStation VR, 10 new games are expected to be released with VR compatibility. Knowing this, users who would like to purchase the PlayStation VR will have a large array of games available to begin with and, hopefully, more to come. As far as cost is concerned, the PlayStation VR costs around $400. The high-price tag is expected sine this is a new gaming platform.

Microsoft HoloLens

The Microsoft HoloLens boasts itself with the wireless connection capability it comes shipped with. This makes the device easier to use, and in comparison to the PlayStation VR, it is made for more than just gaming.

Microsoft has been trying hard to get applications to work alongside the HoloLens headset, such as the Holo Studio. And even though the device is not completely marketed towards gamers, Microsoft is working on two game releases for the headset and the Xbox. Price-wise, the expected cost will range higher than the PlayStation VR due to its multi-function capabilities.

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