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PS4 Pro vs. Xbox Project Scorpio – Memory, Speed and Graphics


Those who are familiar with Console Wars will be delighted to know that Sony and Microsoft are launching their new super-consoles for gaming. Both are designed for 4K gaming and boast to be better than the other.

To start off with, the PS4 Pro has seen a rough start as, despite quite a lot of good media attention, it has seen some teething problems. Sony’s flagship gaming console is still in its early days and much can be changed but Microsoft is not going to sit still but will try to rise to the occasion with its new console, namely ‘’Project Scorpio’’.

The new Xbox console has been built with the benefit of hindsight and is going for more raw power. Scorpio benefits from the same AMD CPU that Xbox One has, but with a roughly 30% increase in speed from 1.75GHz to 2.3GHz. As far as memory goes, a massive improvement from 8GB of DDR3 RAM to 12GB of DDR5.

Project Scorpio has 326GB/s of memory bandwidth, this is compared to the PS4 Pro’s 218GB/s. Storage space on both consoles is the same, both have 1TB 2.5-inch hard drives.

While still behind when compared to expensive PC graphics cards, Project Scorpio’s GPU unit has 40 computing units running at 1,172MHz clock speed compared to the Xbox one’s speed of 853MHz. The PS4 Pro musters 4.2 terraflops through the 36 GCN improved compute units which are clocked at 911MHz.

With this in mind, Project Scorpio seems to have the potential of providing more output from its hardware in order to provide better frame rates when compared to older gaming consoles. There was apparently a demo made by Digital Foundry where a Forza game has been running in 4K while using just about 65% of the full power of the console.

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