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Sail Away: 7 Great Boat Accessories for Any Mariner

Do you love spending the lazy days of summer hanging out on your boat at the lake? Then you must make sure you have all the best boat accessories so that you and your friends and family have an amazing time!

Keep reading for a list of boating accessories that every boating fanatic needs. 


1. Towing Tubes and Floats

A day on the lake means having fun in the water and tow tubes are a necessity. There are several different varieties of tubes, some of the most fun ones are the kind you can ride together. 

A two-person tow tube is perfect for when only a couple of people want to ride, be sure to get one that has plenty of handles to hang on to. Handles that have knuckle guards are especially important so that no one gets hurt while riding. 

A long towable tube can hold multiple people while straddling the tube in a row. This tube will be fantastic fun for your friends and family and will be sure to grab people’s attention on the lake as you go sailing by. 

For some more relaxed fun in the water, you will need some fun floats. There are many different styles of floats out there but if you want a real conversation starter, grab yourself some of the more outrageous floats like a large swan or unicorn. A floating drink holder also makes it convenient to stay hydrated while in the water while not having to get stuck holding your drink or getting out of the water. 

2. Dry Bag and Box

When you are out on the water it is important to keep your electronics and other valuables dry. A dry box or dry bag is a crucial boating accessory for spending days on the water. 

For smaller items that you plan on using and leaving on your boat, a dry box will work fine. If you plan on carrying your stuff with you, a dry bag is much more practical and convenient. 

3. Boat Grill and Cooler

If you are spending the day having fun in and out of the water than you and your guests are guaranteed to work up an appetite. A boat grill that can be mounted on the side of the boat will have you cooking up meals and filling their stomachs in no time. 

A boat grill is a great way to serve up a hot meal out on the water and also not having to take a break from all the fun. Of course, you need a good cooler to keep all the food and drinks cold before you get around to cooking. A cooler mounting kit is also a great boat accessory to invest in because it gets the cooler out of the way and keeps it from sliding around on your boat deck. 

4. Solar Charging System

When you are out on the water it’s the perfect opportunity to harness the power of the sun and use a solar charger to have some extra power when you need it. There is nothing worse than checking your battery gauge and finding out that you are low on power and far away from shore. 

There are different options of chargers available that are just strong enough to charge your cell phones and then other options that are strong enough to charge up the battery of your boat. 

5. First Aid Kit and Flotation Devices

Perhaps one of the most important boat accessories you will need to have onboard is a safety kit. You never know when a great day can suddenly make a turn from an injury or bad weather. 

You can find premade safety kits or you can make one your own. If assembling one on your own, besides the usual first aid supplies, make sure to have key items such as a waterproof radio, flashlight, and a flare gun in case you need to signal your location. Make sure to inspect your kit and replace supplies each time before you set sail. 

Personal flotation devices are also very important to have onboard. As the law goes there should be one available for each member of your sailing party. In some states, children are required to wear a flotation device for the duration of the time they are on the boat. 

6. Marine GPS and Fishing Pole Holder

If you are hoping to get some fishing in while out on the water then there is nothing better than having a marine GPS. This GPS not only helps you with navigation but also can help you find the fish you are hoping to catch. The technology of these is constantly being improved upon so if you already own one, consider upgrading to a newer, more accurate one. 

A fishing pole holder is a great boat gadget to invest in so that you can keep your pole in the water all day without wearing yourself out. Invest in a quality rod holder that clamps tightly on your rod so you don’t run the risk of losing it and make sure it comes with a mounting system or purchase a kit separately. 

7. Boat Fenders and Dock Lines

Another essential boating accessory is a set of boat fenders for the outside of your boat. These fenders will be a cushion for your vessel against the dock since the boat will be moving with the tide or current of the water. Make sure when purchasing the fenders that they are the right length so that they will meet the correct spot between boat and dock. 

Dock lines are also a necessity to keep your boat attached to the dock. Bungee dock lines are great for absorbing shock between the boat and dock keeps your boat from rubbing up and down the dock. 

Learn More About These Boat Accessories Today!

These are just some of the essential boat accessories you must-have for your day on the boat! It’s time to grab your bathing suit and sunglasses and go have some fun with your friends and family. 

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