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Tired Of Streaming? 6 Genius Ways To Download Video On Mac

Do you love watching content on streaming platforms like YouTube or Netflix?

They’re all great but they have one major barrier: they require a strong Internet connection. Wouldn’t it be nice to simply download these and watch them, uninterrupted, during your free time or when there’s no Internet?

Fortunately, you can download a video on Mac. It’s not too complicated or different from downloading videos on Windows PC. Check out our how-to guide below to discover how.


1. Video Converters

One of the most popular options to download video on Mac is to use a video converter. There are several of these available online. Here’s how they work:

First, get the URL of the video you want to download. Paste this into the converter’s form and click “convert” or “download.” Some online converters give you the option to download the video in different resolutions and file formats.

Keep in mind, you’ll have to download the file in a format Mac can read and play. Mac can natively play .mov, mp4, and .avi files. These are pretty common, so you’ll have no issue running these.

FLV files are less common, so you might need a Mac player that can read these.

Which online converters should you try out? The most popular ones include KeepVid and OnlineVideoConverter. You can also try ClipConverter.

Practice caution when using online converters. Some require you to click on ads that might infect your Mac with malware.

Others are fine but they won’t let you download videos with songs. If you want to know how to download protected videos, check out the other options below.

2. Using Your Browser

Did you know you can download videos to your Mac directly from your browser?

Open up Safari and play a video. Pause it as soon as it begins and wait for the progress bar to fill up.

Once the video fully loads, go to the Menu bar and click Activity. Look for the code that indicates the video file and double-click on it to download. This is a great way to download videos to your Mac but you have to wait for the video to fully load up first.

For other browsers, you’ll need a plugin or add-on. One of the best ones you can use is Folx, which you can get at This one not only allows you to copy streaming videos, but you can use it for torrent files too.

Make sure to check if the plugin/add-on you’re getting works on Mac. If it does, then it’ll download compatible video files. Always remember that some plugins prioritize Windows users.

3. RealPlayer Downloader

Looking to download a video on Vimeo or any website? Sometimes, you might want a video not on YouTube, after all.

The best option is to use the RealPlayer Downloader. It also allows you to download protected videos. 

This is a two-in-one program. It’s a downloader that adds a feature into your browsers and it’s a media player too. 

RealPlayer Downloader, once installed and integrated into your browsers, will reveal a small “download this video” button whenever a video plays. It doesn’t matter what you’re watching or on what site, this little plugin tool should appear.

Keep in mind, this software downloads videos as FLV files. You’ll need a dedicated player to view these. The media player that comes with RealPlayer Downloader works well, but you can also use VLC Player if you have the right add-ons.

4. Screen Recorder

When all else fails, use a screen recorder. There are a few options out there, but the three you can rely on include OBS, QuickTime Player, and the new macOS. 

Let’s start with the new macOS, Mojave. If you’re still running macOS Catalina, you’ll need to upgrade to the new operating system. Once you have Mojave, simply press Command, Shift, and 5 simultaneously to begin screen recording.

Mojave allows you to record the whole screen or a select portion. You can also do this with QuickTime Player. 

OBS is a different kind of tool, but it can achieve the same results. It’s often used for recording video game footage and for arranging assets for streaming on platforms like Twitch or YouTube. However, it also allows you to record your screen and you can use this to get a copy of a video you want.

5. Downloader Apps

There are also apps you can install on your Mac to download videos for you. One of the most popular ones is Any Video Converter. There are three options: the free version, the Pro version, and the Ultimate version.

What are the differences between these versions? The paid versions allow you to download videos from more websites, not only YouTube and Vimeo. 

Using Any Video Converter is similar to the online video converters listed above. Simply copy the URL and paste it into the tool. You can download the video as is or edit the file format to better suit your viewing preferences. 

If you don’t like the UI or options available, you can use JDownloader and VideoDuke. These work similarly and might have the features you seek. 

6. Offline Viewing

All of the listed options focus on downloading videos to view them outside of their respective platforms. However, you can also save videos on these platforms for offline viewing. Keep in mind, these methods only work on mobile devices like your iPhone or iPad. 

For example, you can download videos directly on YouTube. Simply click on the video and hit the download button. YouTube will then save the video so you can watch it later, even when you’re not connected to the Internet.

Yes, you can only download videos while on mobile but you may access them on your Mac. This depends entirely on the app you saved the videos on. Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and YouTube all feature this option to some degree.

Download Video on Mac Today!

It’s fun to stream videos, but you might not have a stable connection to do this all the time. Fortunately, you can use these methods to download a video on Mac and enjoy the content anytime you want.

Looking for more tips to get the most out of your Mac and other iOS devices? We’ve got you covered! Take a moment to check out our other guides today!

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