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Samsung Galaxy Book 2 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 5 – Choose The Best One


As far as the hybrid tablet market goes, it’s no secret that Microsoft has dominated it for years with their Surface Pro line. The Microsoft Surface Pro tablets are everyone’s favorites when it comes to hybrid devices, a.k.a. a tablet that can also stand in place of a laptop successfully by attaching a keyboard and mouse to it. However, Samsung has tried to keep up with the trend and overtake some of Microsoft’ monopoly on said market with its Samsung Galaxy Book 2 tablet.

The Korean tech giant has made a bold and brazen statement about their tablet, declaring that it will rival with the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5. The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 hasn’t been launched yet, but rumor has it that it’s going to be spectacular. The tablet is speculated to come with Intel’s latest Kaby Lake design, as well as an improved display, 16GB of RAM and 512G in storage. The Surface Pro 5 will also have a restyled Surface Pen with a wireless charging option. The tablet is expected to come this fall.

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 cannot compare with its 4GB of RAM, and although it comes in two screen sizes, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 simply has no contender on the market right now. However, it’s important to note that the tablet hasn’t launched yet, so who knows how it will look like. The Surface Pro 5 is expected to launch this fall, and we’ll just have to wait for that particular (still unset) date to find out how the hybrid tablet will be.

Until then, the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 is a viable option as far as hybrid tablets go. It just depends on you whether you want one now, or are willing to wait a bit more and get your hands on the Microsoft Surface Pro 5.

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