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What Samsung Galaxy S8 Could Have Been


Even though the tech world had been expecting the Samsung Galaxy S8 for what felt like forever when the phone was officially revealed at the latest Samsung event, everyone’s enthusiasm fell flat. It became obvious that the Korean company had to cut a lot of corners in order to make the launch date, and many users were disappointed by this. The most notorious mishap in this direction was the one concerning the fingerprint scanner.

While Samsung boasted their intention to have the scanner built into the screen of the phone and thus remove the home button for aesthetic purposes, their plan was ruined by the fact that the necessary technology just wasn’t ready in time for the launch. Thus, Samsung had to cut a big corner on that one and incorporated the scanner on the back of the phone, to everyone’s vocal dismay.

Video Leak Shows Us What Could Have Been

And now, a leaked video of the Samsung Galaxy S8 initial prototype shows us all the other amazing innovations the phone could have sported, but ultimately didn’t due to lack of time and improper management. The video shows us a Galaxy S8 which is different from what stands now on the market. The prototype has a 6.4-inch infinity screen with a vertically positioned dual camera on the back and of course, the notorious in-screen fingerprint scanner that never was.

Needless to say, the initial prototype looks way better than the final product. But it’s important to remember that that’s almost always the case with these things. What you have in mind initially is altered and adapted in order to fit the available technology, and this is exactly what happened with the Samsung Galaxy S8. While it’s nice to dream about how it would have been for this exact same phone to hit the market, we all know that’s just not possible.

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