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Twitter’s TV video app can be found now on Roku


From what it seems, Twitter is now trying to create a living room video platform. However, they can’t really do that without Roku. As such, today the company released a new app which you can find on Roku’s store. Moreover, you don’t even need a Twitter account if you want to stream live video. You can also find the TV-based video app from Twitter on Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV.

Available Streams

The Roku app offers, in fact, the Twitter mix of their live video partners. This translates to a random selection of entertainment, big events, sports, news and other original content. The Roku app helps you switch between the shows whenever there are several streams available simultaneously. At the same time, you will see a list of relevant tweets that scroll by as you watch what you want.

Twitter Is Bringing New Moves

This week, the famous social network has just announced a bunch of new programming to be released this year. As such, Bloomberg will provide news 24/7, plus they are currently working on another 24/7 sports channel. The company will also offer WNBS games, plus a new MLB show. They are also streaming one baseball game each week. Moreover, Live Nation will also stream a couple of concerts with the help of the app, and we will see a weekly gadget show made by The Verge as well.

All in all, it seems like a nice thing to invest in for the future, but for now things are not that great. If you ask around you, you will see that there are extremely few people that use the Twitter video app on a regular basis. And this happens mostly because the product is not that coherent, and Twitter is not offering all the important things.

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