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Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumors, Speculations and Expectations


Even though the Samsung Galaxy S8 is not available in stores, people are already circulating rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S9 model. One report claims that the phone is already being produced by the tech giant. Here you have a brief overview of the rumors and speculations about it.

What, when, how much?

The S9 is going to be the 2018 flagship phone for Samsung. Most likely it will come out in March or April next year, and presumably it will be quite expensive, an estimate being $720.


Samsung announced the Galaxy S8 phone towards the end of March, so we can assume that the S9 will be out around the same date next year. However, there might also be some delays about it, since the S8 was also announced late. Another possibility claims that the device will be announced at the Mobile World Congress 2018 event which might take place at the end of February.

According to The Bell, some sources claim that Samsung has been working hard lately on the display panels dedicated to the Galaxy S9 ever since the end of last month. If this is true and they are indeed working on the display, it would mean they are 6 months earlier than they usually do for a new phone.

However, there are many other companies who prefer to start working on the next generation of phones even though there is still one more to go before that. At the end of last year, Samsung got the license for a special type of glass coating technology that rejects water from your screen. Rumor has it that we will also see a foldable screen, since this is the current trend, together with a dual-lens camera, though it wouldn’t be the first device to offer this.

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