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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (2015) Gets Latest Android Nougat Update


If you are someone who uses the Galaxy Tab S2 (2015) and the Verizon network, then we have some good news for you! These devices are soon to get an update that will make you use Android 7.0 Nougat. The most recent version of the operating system comes up with some really interesting improvements under the hood, as well as in what concerns the user.

What Do You Get with the New Update?

The new OS comes together with some really useful updates regarding battery life, performance, as well as the user experience. One of the main features that you will find on the new Nougat is an improvement to the Doze function. Now it takes care of the slightest use of the battery power, which is not lost by the background processes anymore.

Moreover, the update includes native support for using a split-screen view of the apps. The Samsung phone already had their own version of split-screen multitasking options, but the solution offered by Google lets you use more apps in this mode, in comparison to the limited ones enabled by the LG or Samsung skins in the past.

Phone Upgrade

Besides the updates brought by the version of the OS itself, there are also some features specific to this device. Once you install the update package, you may see there is a change when it comes to the user interface on the tablet. Among the modifications, there are some changes in the notification shade, as well as the interface of the pre-installed Samsung apps.

There is also a new feature for battery management, with which you can disable the unused apps that eat up resources in the background. Besides, you will see a software preview screen embedded in the camera app.

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