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New Clash of Clans Update Now Available for Download


The Clash of Clans Builder Base 6 update is now live and available for download off of a trusted APK mirror of your choice. However, the update is quite minor compared to the massive one the game just had in May 2017. Here is a list of everything new that the update brings to the table.

New Units

There are two brand new units coming to the game following the Builder Base 6 update. We’re talking about the Night Witch and the Roaster. The Night Witch will have 200 HP (reduced from 250, as previously announced) and can conjure up swarms of bats. It is a very powerful unit that many people will love. The Roaster is also quite capable against both air and ground units with its 16 HP and its burst fire of 15 shots.


  • Levels 6 through 10 for the Battle Machine
  • Levels 11 and 12 for all Troops following the Star Laboratory Level 6 upgrade


  • +1 Mega Mine
  • +1 Mine
  • +1 Crusher
  • +1 Archer Tower
  • +4 Walls

So a lot of +1s and one +4 as far as Defense goes. Let’s face it, it could have been better, but we’ll take what we can get.


  • Clock Tower duration has been reduced by 50%
  • Clock Tower cooldown has been reduced from 8 hours to only 7 hours
  • 8x instead of 10x for the speed up multiplier


  • Just like the Cannon, you can now gear up one Archer Tower in your Town Hall. But just one at a time, though. For this, you need your Home Village Archer Tower to be level 10 at least and your Builder Base Archer Tower to hit level 6.
  • Level 6 upgrade for Gem Mines, Clock Towers, storages and resource collectors.

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