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The Ultimate Photography Equipment List That All Photographers Need

You’ve decided to try your hand at photography? Congrats!

By this point, you’ve got your creative vision and lots of exciting ideas but it can be tricky to determine which photography equipment you need.

But the real question is, where do you start?

For photographers looking for the best, we’ve compiled a list of ultimate photography equipment list that all photographers need.


Gimbal Stabilizer

It is essential to add a gimbal stabilizer to your photography equipment for beginners. It holds your camera in place to prevent unwanted shaking and blurry shots. These camera stabilizers work especially well for long exposure shots. Use it for shots such as:

  • Landscape
  • Portrait
  • Street

For additional help against camera shaking, try adding a remote shutter release to your photography list for beginners. It allows you to use a remote trigger connected and take a photograph without physically touching your camera. 

Lighting Equipment

Lighting equipment is a must-have for your beginner and professional photography equipment list. Use an external flash to create optimal exposures. Use the Guide Number (GN) to calculate for accurate exposure. 

If you don’t want to use a flash, try a reflector. A reflector is used to redirect light to the subject you’re capturing. Reflectors come in different colors and types and your needs will differ based on your current project.

Memory Cards

All photography kits for beginners must have memory cards. We recommend having a handful of smaller memory cards on in case your card dies during a shoot. The average photo is about 30 MB large. Memory cards typically come in four sizes:

  1. 16 GB
  2. 32 GB
  3. 64 GB
  4. 128 GB 

Lens Filters

Lens filters are important to add to your photography equipment list for beginners. There are three main lens filters:

  1. Ultraviolet filters (UV)
  2. Polarizing filters
  3. Natural density filters (ND)

UV filters work to reduce haziness in your photos. They also help to protect your lens from dirt, water, and dust. Polarizing filters are important to define contrast in your photos. They also work to eliminate glare and increase color saturation. ND filters reduce the amount of light and can be especially helpful in extra bright settings. 

Camera Bag

A camera bag is a lifesaver. It helps protect your camera gear and provides an easy way to carry your equipment. Depending on the size and amount of materials you’re carrying, you can use a:

  • Messenger bag
  • Backpack

Don’t want to carry around a bag? Try using camera straps to safely and easily transport your camera during longer shoots or in challenging terrain. 

Cleaning Kit

To ensure your camera is getting the best care possible, invest in a cleaning kit. They help to keep your camera lens clean and taking optimal photos. Your cleaning kit should include:

  • Air blaster
  • Lens cleaning wipes
  • LensPen

Photography Equipment List

All photographers, beginners, and pros need the right gear. Every project is unique to the photographer so be sure to get what rights for you from the photography equipment list.

Your dream awaits!

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