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Top 10 Best Apps Cloud Storage for Android in 2018

It’s great having a smartphone that does everything – takes photos, edits documents, and records video. But the storage capacity is tiny compared to what you really need!

Cloud storage for Android is a great way to make sure your smartphone files are backed up safely with easy access. Transfer your files easily to a remote server and get hold of them again whenever you need.

The best bit? You don’t need extra SD cards or any other tech. You just need an internet connection while you transfer files!

Keep reading to find out more about why you should use cloud storage services, and discover the best Android cloud apps in 2018.


Why Cloud Storage Is Essential for Any Android User

Even if you don’t use your phone much for large files like videos or sound clips, it’s easy to run out of storage over time. This is particularly true if your phone doesn’t have a micro SD slot: there’s no way to upgrade your hard storage!

Cloud storage means you never have to choose which photos to keep or delete: everything can be safely stored online.

The other benefit of cloud services is that your files will always be accessible from other devices you use, too. If you lose, damage, or replace your phone, your files are all still online. It’s a great way to secure your data and photos from theft, loss, or damage.

The Best Cloud Storage for Android

There are tons of cloud storage apps for Android – so to help you choose which is the best for you, here’s our top ten of 2018.

Seamless File Sharing: Dropbox

Sharing files with colleagues and friends is easy with Dropbox. Instead of having to compress folders or upload to a transfer service, simply send them a link to view the file.

You’re able to control the security of each folder, too. You decide whether the person with the link is able to view, edit, share, or download the file – and can change these permissions whenever you want.

Easy Phone Backups: Google Drive

Ideal for Android users, Google Drive and the lesser-known Google Backup app are perfect for, well, backing up your phone.

The easy-access file storage is designed to integrate seamlessly with your Android, and the interface makes it ideal for viewing and organizing your photos and videos.

Unbelievably Huge Free Storage: Mega

A massive 50GB of free storage is the most attractive feature of the Mega cloud storage app.

With options for browser extensions in Chrome and Firefox, and a desktop app for computers, this is a flexible and free cloud storage option that’s ideal for backups and file management.

Unlimited Photo Storage: Amazon Drive

Whether you want to store music, photos, or videos, Amazon Drive is an ideal choice.

There are two options for this app: Prime Photos and Drive Unlimited. Prime Photos does exactly what it says it does, which is unlimited photo storage for Prime members.

The Drive Unlimited is a paid cloud service but one that’s worth considering due to the massive 1TB of storage space for any file type, at just $60 per year.

Earn More Free Storage: Mediafire

A popular cloud storage app, MediaFire offers the standard services of others on the market.

However, this app does allow you to earn free additional storage space, making it an attractive option for people who need large cloud storage for free.

Start off with 12GB of free space and, through actions like referrals, earn up to 50GB free. If you want to skip the referrals you can always pay for up to 1TB, at $3.75 a month.

Integrate with Microsoft: OneDrive

If you want to use and share Microsoft Office apps, then OneDrive should be part of your cloud storage arsenal.

Designed to integrate with all Office software, it’s easy to upload, save, share, and edit documents from anywhere with this cloud storage service. Store up to 5GB for free – that’s a LOT of Word documents – or opt for the $100 a year subscription for 5TB of storage instead.

Top Security: Tresorit

If you want security, you need to pay for it. Tresorit offers high-level end-to-end encryption and several security features to protect your files.

This does come at a price, however: subscriptions start at $12.75 a month for a massive 200GB of storage.

This Android cloud storage app is ideal for entrepreneurs and small business owners too, as there are enterprise options available for multiple users and accounts.

Unusual Unlimited Storage: Resillio Sync

OK, this one is a slightly different cloud storage app but it’s well worth a look.

Rather than storing your files on a remote server in the cloud, you send your files back to your own PC or laptop for storage. That means you can store as much as your computer hard drive will allow!

This is a great app for freelancers working on-the-go who want top security too, as files are never shared beyond your own network. You do have to keep the receiving computer on at all times, but if you need secure backup – try it out.

Music Player Included: pCloud

pCloud offers a free cloud storage service – and a music player is included in the app. This means you’re saving storage AND battery whenever you want to listen to your media files from within the app.

A standard account starts off with 10GB of data, but that’s easily upgraded to 20GB via their website.

Simple Multi-App Cloud Management: Unclouded

Unclouded is all about the multi-app management. If you use more than one cloud storage app, whether to store different types of documents or simply to maximize your online storage space, you need Unclouded.

This app lets you view and organize your files across different cloud storage apps. It’s free for the first connected app and then paid for additional ones. However, if you want to keep on top of your file management, it’s worth the cash.

Get More from Your Android

The great thing about these cloud apps is that they aren’t exclusive. You’re not tied to using just one service: you can have as many as you want and need! Sign up to several free cloud apps and enjoy hundreds of gigabytes of free file storage for easy backup and transfer.

Loving the way that these cloud storage for Android apps will change your life?

There are tons more ways to get the most out of your smartphone to improve your day-to-day activities, too. Check out these genius hacks to discover more ways to simplify, automate, and improve your life!

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