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How to Use Viber on PC and Mac


Viber may have been primarily developed for use with mobile devices but that communication experience has been extended to desktop users. However, it’s not available for everybody; you have to be an active Viber user to use the desktop version of the popular messaging app. If you have a PC or Mac, here’s how to use Viber:

Support Requirements

If you have a computer running on the Windows operating system, you would need a system that runs at least Windows XP SP3 to use Viber. The messaging application is also compatible with higher versions of the Windows operating system: Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Mac users will need to have an operating system version of OSX10.7 or higher to use Viber.

Desktop users in general will also benefit if they have a dual core processor. Viber can support both voice and video calls on the desktop version of their application and it can perform better on a fast computer.

For the best user experience, it helps to have a fast internet connection. This ensures that voice or video calling runs smoothly.

If you want to make voice calls, your device should have a webcam otherwise, you have to buy one.

Enhancing the Experience

Making a video call or a voice call is easy on a mobile device because you don’t have to worry about input devices and such. Most smartphones available these days already come equipped with speakers and cameras which makes having conversations so much easier. Some desktop devices, however, need additional help.

For instance, you might have to purchase a separate webcam if that isn’t available with your device. Most laptops now offer a webcam but that can’t be said for all monitors. However, there are some available that come with a webcam and speakers so you can purchase those if you know you’re going to make video and voice calls on your desktop. Otherwise, you can always purchase separate speaker and webcam.

Using microphones might also enhance the audio experience because the other party can hear you properly. Also, a microphone will come in handy when you are reliant on a system unit rather than a laptop.

Laptops come with speakers but you might need to get a separate one if you have a system unit. Like microphones, speakers improve the audio experience. You can even settle for headphones if you want to contain the sound so you can hear every word clearly.

To sum it up, these are the devices that can enhance the Viber experience when using a Mac or PC:

  • webcam
  • microphone
  • speaker

Getting Viber on PC and Mac

Windows users can download and install Viber by going to while Mac users can go to Just click on the Get Viber button to download the installer and click on that to install. Simply follow the instructions to get it up and running.

Viber has a number of features that users enjoy using such as stickers, voice calling, video calling, and so much more. Recently, the app was updated to include YouTube video playback.

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