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Video for Business: 9 Reasons Why Every Business Is Making the Switch

Over the past few years, businesses have been told that they need to get into video marketing. It’s the next big thing in marketing.

You know that social media has an impact on your business. About 73% of consumers have said that they were impacted by a company’s social media presence before making a buying decision. Video marketing could have as big of an impact.

Should you make the leap into video marketing? Read on to learn 9 reasons why you should consider using video for business marketing.


1. People Remember What They See

Do you remember who played in the Super Bowl three years ago? Probably not if your favorite team wasn’t involved. Do you remember the commercials and who sung at halftime? Probably.

It’s a similar thing with your business. People will remember what they see and what they have an emotional connection to. That’s the power of Super Bowl ads. It’s also why video for business is an incredible opportunity.

You have the chance to create a way for people to remember your business.

2. It’s How Your Consumers Consume Content

A big part of marketing is to go where your customers are. Don’t force them to come to you because they’ll never find you. You’ll just get repeat and referral customers.

Video marketing allows your business to meet people where they’re at. They’re watching videos on their mobile phones. It could be ads, DIY projects, workouts, or videos of baby goats.

Mobile video traffic is predicted to be 75% of all mobile internet traffic around the world. You want to invest in video marketing to put your brand in front of your clients when they’re playing around online.

3. Better Click Though and Conversion Rates

Video marketing is a powerful tool to add to your marketing arsenal, especially if you offer products online. Product videos have been shown to improve conversion rates and drastically improved the number of reviews for the product.

For those businesses that don’t offer products online, you can still reap the benefits of video marketing. Put a thank you video in your email marketing efforts to show appreciation to your list. It’s a simple way to increase your click-throughs and conversions.

4. Improve Search Engine Results

It’s no secret that YouTube is the place where people go to watch videos. You also know that Google owns YouTube.

See the connection?

YouTube videos often appear at the top of search results in Google. YouTube is also the second largest search engine, behind Google and ahead of Amazon.

When you post an optimized video on YouTube, you double your chances for your content to be found.

5. You Can Make Your Company Look Professional and Polished

There are a ton of ways to give your business a high-tech, professional look. Video for business happens to be one of them.

Video also has the potential to make your business the butt of many jokes if you don’t do it right. Do it well, and you’ll have people remember you for the right reasons.

There’s a video production agency that has made businesses of all sizes look like they have massive marketing budgets.

You can read more here to find out more about them.

6. You’ll Have a Brand People Can Relate To

People buy from brands that they know, like, and trust. That goes back to the beginning of sales marketing. That won’t change because it’s human nature.

What has changed is how you build trust and make yourself and your company relatable. Video allows you to do that. A well-thought-out video can establish you as an expert or show a playful side of your company.

You want to create videos that convey the personality of your brand. When you do that, you’ll attract your ideal customers to your business.

7. People Love to Learn

Video for business is an ideal way to educate people about your products or services. You could be a fitness trainer who is showing people how to do a great kettlebell workout.

You have to remember that people love to learn, but you also have to produce content that people are interested in. Product review videos, gaming videos, educational videos are among the most watched videos on YouTube. It’s also what they search for.

8. You Can Distribute Content Easier

Video marketing is actually more efficient than writing fresh content all day. When you distribute video, you can create different lengths. You can have a 15-second clip run on Instagram while publishing the full versions on Facebook and YouTube.

You can create a transcript of the video and use that as content for your blog post.

You can turn your video into a paid ad on any of those social media channels. With repetition, people are likely to remember your brand and click on your ad. That will drive up awareness of your company and sales.

At the end of the day, you have distributed your video to a wider audience to TV ad proportions. The best thing is that you did it at a fraction of the budget.

9. Videos are Watched on Facebook, Too

A lot of points in this article stressed the importance of YouTube. Facebook isn’t to be ignored. In fact, it’s another great way to get your brand in front of people.

Facebook videos get 8 billion views every day. For most people, videos will play automatically which gives you a captive audience. Your job is to create videos that are compelling enough to hold their attention.

Get into Video for Business Now

Video marketing is here and it’s not going away anytime soon. If you want to get in front of your customers and make an impact on your bottom line, you need to dive in now.

There are too many good reasons to sit on the sidelines. Video for business can reach your client where they’re at and they’re more likely to remember your company. That will only turn into sales for your business.

Want more great business tips? Read this to find out what it takes to make your business more efficient. It will help your business be ready to take on more customers when your video marketing campaigns are successful.

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