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2019’s Most Innovative Smart Technology for the Home

By the end of 2018, 28,000 home smart devices connected with Amazon’s Alexa. What can you expect in 2019 and beyond? And how can you make your home into a smart home that works for you?

Smart technology has changed the way we do many of our most basic tasks from setting alarms to changing to a song we want to listen to. Continue reading this article to learn about the most innovative smart technology to hit the home in 2019.


Blowing Your Mind with Smart Technology

Just when you think we are “smart” enough, the innovations keep coming, and sites like this website can help spur ideas of technology we may be missing out on. Some of the things we would have marveled at in the past are things we use on a daily basis. Let’s go on to look at some of the top innovative finds now.

1. Energy Monitoring Devices

We all want to do our part for the environment, but sometimes it is difficult to know where you’ll make the most impact. Energy monitoring devices can help you reduce your energy usage by showing you exactly where energy consumption is coming from.

The device goes into your home’s electrical panel. Once the device is installed, you will get information about energy use and activity in your home. You can then access all of this information through web apps or apps on your smartphone.

2. Smart Thermostat

Big and small houses alike suffer from thermostat woes. A normal thermostat will regulate the temperature through testing the area around the thermostat. A smart thermostat will regulate the temperature for the room you are actually in.

You get more overall control when using these thermostats, and that means saving money. Heating and cooling costs are a large part of the money you have to put out on a monthly basis, but smart thermostats can help you decrease these costs.

3. Indoor Home Security Cameras

Security is important for every family, but indoor security cameras used to be too complex and hard to use. Now with smart in-home security cameras, more people are able to use them to feel safe.

When you use smart security cameras, you can set up alerts and easily check in on your home from anywhere. In case someone does come to rob your home if they see a security camera – they may think twice. If the criminal doesn’t think twice, you can always use the footage you capture to find them and sue them.

4. Smart Locks

Have you ever left your house and forgot to lock the door? What if you’re gone on a long trip? You can’t fly back over the ocean and lock your doors.

You may have friends or family members that can go lock the house, but how long will that take? Smart locks are your solution and will allow you to lock your home or unlock your home from anywhere in the world using your smartphone.

If you lose your keys, it’s not a big deal. You can still get into your home with your preset code.

5. Smart Buzzers

If you feel a little nervous when a random person knocks on your door – try a smart buzzer. Smart buzzers have cameras so you can see who is there and choose whether to answer or not.

Some of these devices also have optional facial recognition that will open the door whenever you come near.

6. Wireless Speakers

When you’re working on your home theater set up, it’s not all about the video. The sound has a major part to play in immersive the experience will be.

Adding wireless smart speakers makes your experience more customizable. Being able to customize your experience means you can set up the sound for your space.

You may even want to use these speakers as a standalone device. Since these wireless speakers are easy to move and connect to any audio player, it makes for an easy and portable listening experience.

7. Smart Light Bulbs

Smart light bulbs do more than just allow you to save money on energy. When you use smart light bulbs, you can change their color at certain times or link them to change colors or dim because of a specific event. You can get creative with how you’ll use smart light bulbs and even tie them into your productivity hacks.

8. Smart Electrical Outlet

Do you have a habit of leaving the curling iron or other devices on? Maybe you want to turn a certain device on at a specific time. If you have a smart electrical outlet, you can turn devices on and off manually, or you can set it up to automatically come on at a specific time.

Having the ability to control your devices that are connected to your outlet means you won’t have to make the trip back up the stairs, turn around on your way to work or cause other inconveniences.

9. Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches have been around for a while, but smart dimmer switches take things to the next level. If you don’t need bright light, use the dimmer switch to decrease the light output to save money.

With these smart dimmers, you only need your smart device to tell the switch what to do. You can also program these dimmer switches to dim automatically at certain times or during certain events.

You can also control the lights using your voice. Voice control is a much-desired feature and will allow you to set the mood whether you have your smart device on you or not.

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