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Voice Commands to be added in Google in the form of AutoVoice


The Google Assistant has been launched by Google last year, and it was made available for Google Home and for the Pixel. However, this period of exclusivity is more or less over. Android devices have received this Assistant, and developers even have an API to further implement it on other devices. This is more so true with the recent Chrome Extension named AutoVoice that uses the exact same Assistant to power communications with the browser.

Sadly, installing it is a little bit of a drag.

Video presentation

There is a video on Youtube which showcases how the application works after it has been installed, the result is quite something intriguing. It is intriguing because not only does the Assistant respond to your question, but it also makes suggestions as to what it can provide. The Assistant can be contacted from your PC by using the browser extension’s many available phrases (thanks to AutoVoice). It also uses much of the same voice commands that can be found on the various Assistant devices available on the market.

As previously mentioned, the installation process is a bit sluggish and it requires two separate processes in order for it to work. To start with, you will have to get Assistant installed on the PC, while the second processes involves having to install AutoVoice. For the Assistant process, you will need to input text in some command line that will show up, an exact tutorial can be found online. As for the AutoVoice process, its developer has seen fit to provide instructions on how to download the AutoVoice variant that is needed for the Google Assistant’s server. More command lines will follow after this.

Overall, it does not have nearly enough polish to be considered a final product version, but it is an interesting in-development application that will surely see more and more improvement.

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