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GTA 6 to be Developed for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two


Grand Theft Auto 5 is still played by millions of players and this is one of the reasons why Rockstar prefers to not talk about GTA 6 yet. However, fans are already expecting some official news about the GTA 6, which might somehow force the game developing company to give more information about it.

Rockstar might not be saying anything about GTA 6, but there are already rumors all over the internet saying stuff about this upcoming title. Some of the rumors are suggesting that the GTA 6 will NOT be released before 2020 and that it will be launched for the upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two consoles.

As expected, the game will also be released for Windows PC, but it is not sure yet if it will be available for the current-gen consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We’re pretty sure that the fans are not very happy about the rumors, saying that the game will not be released until 2020, but since Rockstar doesn’t want to confirm that it has started working on it, there is no chance that it will be released sooner than that.

According to some previous rumors, the GTA 6 will come with a female protagonist, which will surely please some of the girls that are playing this game series. If this proves to be true, we have to say that it will be the first time when a female protagonist is making her way to the GTA franchise. We remind you that in the previous versions of GTA you were not able to play as a female character in single player mode.

When it comes to the location of the upcoming GTA 6, we’re not sure yet where exactly it will be settled. However, we remind you that some earlier rumors were suggesting that this game will actually feature multiple cities and you will be able to “teleport” from a city to another.

Do you think that the GTA 6 will be released only for PlayStation 5, Xbox Two and Windows PC?

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