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Biggest Update for Clash of Clans Released in May


Recently, everybody got to know that Clash of Clans will come up with a new update. It seems that the developers take great care in providing new and interesting things to keep their players faithful. According to Supercell, the upcoming file will be biggest than any other update ever released for the game. Needless to say, many players and followers have reacted with great interest and excitement.

What Are We Going to Receive?

Thankfully, there was an image that leaked in China, showing the update. As we can see in the image, the most impressive aspect to come is the graphics. This makes you feel like you were at night. There is indeed a great thing about this night mode, since it has been highly anticipated by people for a long time. However, this isn’t the only new thing.

Multi-Village Option

People who were eager to find out what the text on the image meant translated it, and thus saw that it talks about a second village. Not that surprisingly, people are starting to appreciate more and more the option of creating a second village by using a single account. Actually, the idea of a multi-village mode offers users great possibilities.

Another feature that people are waiting for is the fleet sinking one. Finally, people will get to see this function present in the game, being able to shipwreck the enemy. There’s no doubt that all these new features will make the game exciting again and bring new life to it.

However, one last thing we need to know is the release date. For now, we know that the team is almost ready with it, but there’s no official announcement about it. Everybody expects it to be ready sometime in May, so there’s not much to wait.

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