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Clash of Clans Major Update Brings Second Village and New Tweaks


A new leaked image has surfaced on the internet, showing once again a second village option that an upcoming “Clash of Clans” major update will bring. SebixPhoenix, a Reddit member, has shared a link to an image, which is confirming this rumor and which will surely bring many fans of Clash of Clans back to the game.

We remind you that we’ve already talked about the multi-village feature that will come to the “Clash of Clans.” Until now, it was believed that an upcoming major update will allow you to have access to more villages, but it seems that Supercell will actually allow you to have access to only a second one.

It seems that the shipyard will be the building that will allow you to switch between villages. This means that the players will firstly need to build the shipyard and only after that they will be allowed to access the second village. At the same time, it is not sure what the requirements to unlock the shipyard are and how much it will cost.

However, we think that players that own a village with a high level Town Hall will be able to build the shipyard. It will not make any sense to have a second village if you already have a low level one.

We have to say that a second village will surely make this game even more addicting than before, as you will have twice of “work” to do and it will keep you connected to the game longer than before. Supercell surely knows how to keep the players interested into this game and this is the reason why Clash of Clans is still alive and kicking even after almost 5 years since the release.

However, the new shipyard will not be used only to change villages, as according to some leaks, the developers will bring water-based battles. They will be quite interesting, as there will be some limitations added to the troops that can be added to the ship.

What other features do you think that this upcoming major update will bring to Clash of Clans?

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