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What You Should Know About Information Technology Training and Certifications

16% of the American adult population is digitally illiterate. Out of this number, about 5% have no computer experience whatsoever. But with the changing scope and application of information technology, having advanced competence in computers will be a significant added advantage.

The vibrancy in the information technology training business points to the growing need among Americans to access computer certification programs. But before you decide on a certification course, you need to ensure that it suits your needs.  

Are you looking to identify an information technology training course that suits your requirements? This guide provides you with all the answers you may need for computer certification courses. 


Why Is Information Technology Training Important?

Americans in corporate settings take up continuous learning for varying reasons. You may be prompted to consider progressive courses in IT for a myriad of aims. Such motives include but are not limited to the following.


With an Information technology training certificate, your reliability as a proficient techy is greatly enhanced. Training and certification gives you an edge when it comes to prospecting for clients. Anyone who is looking to hire or partner with you in this age of technology will first ask for your certification.

Your experience and skills can only be confirmed through certification and training. If you want to come out as a reliable and trustworthy individual, then you should consider IT training and certification.


The demand for tech-savvy individuals keeps growing. But even so, the number of qualified persons hoping to fill these positions is equally high. As such, the extent of your marketability depends on what you can provide that is unique from most other prospective candidates. 

Personal Development

Taking up continuous learning in IT ensures that you can keep up with the changing trends in the technology world. The dynamics in the IT sector are such that, a skill that’s on high demand today may be obsolete tomorrow. So certification allows you to move with the changing trends as you develop your capabilities in line with the requirements in the industry.

IT Training and Certifications Options 

You may be wondering what some of the programs you may consider are. Here are the top five options. 

1. Oracle 

Would you wish to go back to school, albeit virtually, to undertake learning on a plethora of enterprise software and hardware solutions? Then oracle has you covered. The Oracle University embodies an institution that is evolving in line with technology and innovation needs to provide the necessary courses and certifications. 

You’ll have a wide array of options to decide from with Oracle-specific courses. Such choices include java programming, virtualization technology, and ERP.  Oracle courses and certifications are recognized globally and are highly marketable. With instructor-led classroom and virtual classes, students are spoilt for choice.  

2. Microsoft Learning

Microsoft is an undisputed player in the tech industry with a broad interest in the field of IT. So who better to run to, for training and certification than Microsoft? You’ll get to enjoy a wide range of courses and certifications by Microsoft delivered virtually.

The Microsoft Virtual Academy is the perfect starting point for anyone hoping to become an IT pro in the future. You may also work with Microsoft Certified Learning Partners, who are mandated to offer the courses on demand.

3. The Cisco Learning Network  

Cisco-related training has gained immense traction over the last few years, with Cisco’s corporate training resources being among the most sort after by prospective IT specialists. The Cisco Learning Network offers courses right from the CCENT entry-level certification all through to advanced CCIE and CCDE courses.

Anyone keen on progressing their skills in advanced networking has the option of taking a surplus of courses under Cisco. The training and certification under CISCO are universally recognized and highly marketable. 

4. Project Management Institute  

Project management has become an essential part of the modern-day business context. Could you be looking to advance your knowledge of matters related to project implementation? Then PMI is your to-go training and certification provider. 

You’ll attain the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification through PMI as you venture into the world of management with unparalleled capabilities. 

Are you looking forward to being part of large-scale IT projects? Then it would be imperative to take these critical information technology training courses under PMI. You may also get in touch with PMI sanctioned partners for any additional help on the courses. 

5. Exitcertfied IT Training Courses

Are you looking for flexible training options for a wide range of IT courses? Then your search is over, Exitcertfied is among the IT training companies you can rely on for certification. At the Exitcertfied IT center, you’ll have the opportunity for continuous career advancement through being equipped with vital skills necessary in the modern IT context.

The option of self-paced online classes ensures that you get the best out of your quest for IT career advancement. The Exitcertfied training center offers direct courses and also partners with most of the major IT centers to provide unmatched IT training courses. 

Are Virtual IT Training Classes Effective?  

Most of the IT training courses target employed individuals. As such, online or virtual classes are the best feasible option for you. Platforms such as Exitcertfied IT training have invested a lot into making sure that online students get as much from the training courses. You’ll get to enjoy the flexibility that comes with online training because you are in control of your schedule.

So virtual learning offers the best chance yet for individuals with busy schedules to attain certification. These courses provide a flexible platform to add knowledge to your skillset without minimum hassle. It would be impossible to circumvent the routines and demands of modern life without such online opportunities to boost your skills.

The Only Constant Thing in Life Is Change, and the IT Sector Keeps Changing 

You don’t want to be caught napping. The IT industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Only information technology training can keep you abreast of the patterns in the sector. 

You are in luck, though, because there are many courses and online IT certifications you can choose from today. You only need to do your background check to ensure that they align with your needs then forge forward. 

Did this article arouse your interest in IT training? Read on for more insightful content. 

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