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What’s the Best Visitor Management Software to Use in 2019?

Do you remember the days of paper registers at reception? Signing your name after showing your ID?

Thankfully, many businesses have swapped these outdated documents for visitor management software.

It’s unsurprising. Spending on information security looks set to exceed $124 billion in 2019. But physical security is just as important.

That means tracking visitors as they arrive. And knowing who is in each part of the building – and why.

Have you been wondering which visitor management software to invest in? Read on to learn more.


Sign In App

Sign In App offers a check-in system to help visitors sign in fuss-free. Their details update in your secure online area in real time.

That gives you access to accurate reporting. You can also generate fire lists for security purposes.

Capturing data raises issues around privacy but the software is GDPR compliant. It captures the data you need for safety purposes. But it also offers your guests complete privacy.

If you’re expecting a lot of visitors, or you have a lot of staff, Sign In App is a good option. You pay a single subscription per site, so you can connect as many iPads and guests as you want.

Traction Guest

If you need a little more security, then Traction Guest might be the right check-in software for you. It offers airport-grade technology to scan IDs like passports.

Or there’s a self-check-in option if you want to free up security personnel. Either way, it scans watchlists to notify security of potential threats.

Traction Guest also lets you customize the sign-in experience for different guests. They can also sign NDAs as they check in.

VisitUs Reception

VisitUs Reception keeps your details in the cloud. Access your reports and visitor data from anywhere.

Use the details of site activity to create staff rotas or manage capacity. Customize the visitor registration procedure in mere minutes.

The advantage of this visitor management system is its intuitive interface. Your staff members need little training to manage visitor activity. That’s crucial if you need to track people on site in an emergency.


Sine offers a simple iPad-based check-in system. It takes photos of visitors and prints badges from the same interface.

The software also tracks deliveries and offers NDAs to sign if necessary. Your staff can view activity live and run reports wherever they’re based.

It’s also helpful if you’re planning to expand. The software works in both single locations and across a property portfolio.

Brands like Qantas, Vodafone, and General Electric all rely on Sine.

Which Visitor Management Software Will You Use?

Most visitor management software offers a common set of features. It registers and tracks visitors, and allows you to run reports. Beyond that, they specialize depending on your business needs.

You may not need airport-grade scanning of passports. And you might only need to cover the security of a single site.

Take some time to check what you need to protect within your business. Then decide which of these platforms will help you to do that.

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