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Top 3 Ways in Which Your Host Server Can Make or Break Your Gaming Experience

So you’ve decided you want to set up a local host server to offer gamers you know. Or maybe you plan to have host server for people around the world to play together. Pretty exciting, isn’t it!

But before you get started choosing a host server, do you know what look for so that your server doesn’t lag or allow people to cheat? After all, people won’t want to use your server if it’s too slow or buggy to play their favorite video games.

Thankfully, choosing and managing a good quality and safe video game hosting server does not have to be hard.

Check out these three considerations so you can choose the best option that will keep you and your gamers happy.


1. Your Server’s Config Can Either Make Gameplay Horrible or Awesome

There are few things worse than being deep into an online gaming session and then having your game or freeze or the server completely drop you. Not only do your gamers get upset and complain, but they might even stop using your host server completely!

That is why it’s so important for you to choose a gaming host server that has sufficient processing power and memory along with fast storage needed to run the specific game you want to host. The more gamers connect to your host server, even more the demand and need for superior specs.

Don’t just look for a free host server that used shared hardware, but go instead for a dedicated gaming server that will offer superior performance. Netwise Hosting is one provider that offers a range of dedicated server options that can handle even heavy loads of gamers.

2. Strong Server Security Keeps Things Fair and Safe for Gamers

Even if you have the best hardware for your host server, your gamers still won’t have a good experience if cheaters mess with the game. You also don’t want hackers stealing your guests’ data or even taking the server offline with network attacks.

Therefore, it’s essential to look for a gaming host server with security features like a firewall, DDoS protection, encryption, and strong user authentication. It also helps to have a system to detect intruders and keep them from connecting.

Don’t forget about anti-cheating tools too! Your host server might already come with some, but you can find tools like nProtect GameGuard to install on your server and look for possible cheat programs your gamers might try to sneak and use.

3. Proper Host Server Management Is Essential

Don’t forget too that a successful host server comes down to more than just great hardware and security. You, the server manager, can also affect your gamers’ experience!

When your server goes down or has poor performance, it’s your responsibility to inform players and offer a solution to get them playing again as soon as possible. The troubleshooting falls on you if you have a local host server, but most external server companies offer you technical support to use.

Server management also involves keeping the server’s software updates, fixing security holes, and adding upgrades as needed. If you start out with only a few players and choose a low-end server config, you may find the need to upgrade as your users grow.

And Now You Know What to Do!

So that doesn’t sound too hard, right? Keeping security, performance, and management in mind, you’re now ready to explore your host server options.

It might take you a while to find the perfect option, but your gamers will appreciate it and hopefully keep coming back to play on your server!

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