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Windows 10 Creators Update News – Set Up Your PC Using Your Voice


Cortana now helps you during the installation process.

Over the past decades, installing Windows has changed greatly and the process has morphed from hand-holding the system to simply asking an AI for help. The install process has now become an automatic one, as you don’t have to use the keyboard anymore for the manually guided steps that you were used to.

The Verge observed the fact that the Windows 10 Creators Update brings the coolest novelty: Microsoft’s Cortana assistant is now being a part of the whole setup process. The new machines that ship with Windows 10 Creators Update preinstalled will enjoy having Cortana greeting users at the beginning of the setup process.

Forget about the typing, as you can now verbally tell Microsoft’s digital assistant to connect to your WiFi network, to choose the keyboard options and sign in to your Microsoft Account.

If you have a more complex configuration you’ll be quite limited, of course, and you can skip talking to an AI helper, if you’re the kind of user that prefers taking the matter into his own hands.

Anyway, this is a huge step toward simplifying the use of computers and such a feature is going to make them seem less complicated and less intimidating for beginners. The more advanced users will also benefit from this new experience.

At some point you’re still going to take the hands-on approach, but through most of the installation process, you’re going to be able to walk around the room, while accomplishing the install at the same time.

If you clean install Windows 10 Creators Update, or if you setup a new PC, this could turn out to be a surprising experience. Considering the fact that setting up Windows used to be a nasty chore, it’s great to see Microsoft trying its best to make this process easier for the less advanced users.

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