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Clash of Clans To Receive Clan Wars Anniversary Giveaways


Some new Clash of Clans leaks have surfaced the internet claiming that Clan Wars Anniversary Giveaways, including free sources are about to be given in the game sometime in the near future.

We remind you that the Clash of Clans: Clan Wars was not included in the gameplay when it was released (2012 on iOS and 2013 on Android). The Clan Wars was finally added to the Clash of Clans game in April 2014 when the update version 6.56.1 was released for the mentioned title.

Since then, Clan Wars has actually helped Supercell to keep this game alive as it become one of the most valued mobile strategic games out there. Well, on April 9, 2017, Clan Wars feature will make 3 years since it was added to the Clash of Clans game and according to reports, Supercell is preparing is some anniversary giveaways.

These reports are suggesting that during the anniversary update the developers will offer free resources and some significant discounts on building upgrades and troops training. At the same time, depending on the Town Hall of your village, you will get an amount of gold, elixir and gems.

A sneak peak is suggesting that a Town Hall level 2 will get 20.000 Gold, 20.000 Elixir and 80 Gems, which is awesome, especially for the new players that have just started playing this game.

However, if you own a village that has a Town Hall level 7 or above, you will receive 50.000 Dark Elixir and 500 Gems. Lastly, if you own a Town Hall level 11 (max level), you will probably get 125.000 Dark Elixir along with a 1.200 Gems.

The bad news is that Supercell has not confirmed yet this, which means that we should take the news with a bit of salt. However, if this is true, the developing company will confirm it in the following days.

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