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Windows 10 Update Focused on New Cortana Features


Microsoft Corp. has finally added a new useful method for setting up your device. Users can notice this when using Cortana in Windows 10. Arguably, this is the most significant update made by Microsoft thus far.

You might have struggled setting up a new computer or found it hard to understand the installation or upgrade process. Well, this should be your lucky day, because Microsoft has come up with a voice-activated smart assistant to help you out with your troubles.

With this new update, users can take advantage of Cortana when setting up their devices, particularly when downloading or installing new software.

In line with this update, Microsoft also gives more options for users about the data that will be collected from them. Thus, the company was reported to be more transparent about the data to be collected, but it also would allow users to delete the voice data from Cortana for the first time.

According to Microsoft executive Marisa Rogers, they are committed to help provide users to more information by reviewing and deleting data collected from their privacy dashboard. As voice data has been added to the dashboard, it would provide users the ability to review data, improving the ability of Cortana to respond naturally to requests as a personal digital assistant.

This ability would enable users to delete data that Microsoft parses in order to enhance the capabilities of Cortana its smart assistant. This will begin as soon as users engage the Windows 10 Creators Update. This update to Cortana in Windows 10 is only part of a bigger plan towards transparency.

So, whether you are updating your Windows 10 or already running it, you will have the chance to review the privacy settings on your system. You can do this during the upgrade process, which is not possible in previous versions of Windows 10.

Basically, many users might not be so familiar when it comes to upgrading Windows 10 on their PCs. With this new update though, the new features of Cortana should enable users to make their lives much easier.

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