The White Stripes: Good Or Lucky?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Music

And now for something completely different…

In The Agora, a great, group political blog, has a post about The White Stripes and some criticisms of the band. I respond in the comments section.

Take a look and tell me what you think.

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6 Responses to “The White Stripes: Good Or Lucky?”

  1. Montag Says:


    I really like the first two albums from them. I haven’t heard the whole of their latest album but enjoy the singles that are on the radio. I think Jack White has a talent for writing pop songs, and part of the appeal is their stark sound.

    Led Zeppelin is incomparable, but WS has a certain quality (Jack White’s voice? The tone of the guitar? The catchy riffs?) that reminds me of Zep.

    As for “…the White Stripes will find themselves next to Chumbawumba and Blind Melon in the discount rack, at the garage sale, within a decade.” I think WS might find themselves relegated to a moderatly dusty region of the CD case, but being held onto because folks still like to put it on once-in-a-while for a listen.

  2. Jon Wright Says:

    I’d say both.

    Good when they have released their 6th album and its still selling well.

    Lucky because there’s not a lot out there to really compete with as the record industry seen to that decades ago.

  3. Jason from Detroit Says:

    Good. Good. Good.
    I saw them come up from nothing.
    From a crappy two-peice at the local dive to the biggest crappy two-peice in the world… in 5 years. They rock. The only reason not to like them is because of the hype. Look beyond the hype, and you’ll soon realize that they rock. They’ve always rocked. It’s not thier fault that everybody noticed all at once.

  4. Victoria Says:


    Meg White’s drumming may be simple, but it’s what gives them their style. Jack can burst out with solos and catchy riffs, while Meg holds it all together with simple beats.

  5. Jack also from Detroit Says:

    Great. the White Stripes were and are ahead of their time. At first, I thought their early stuff was crap – but once you give it a few listens, you realize how it has a talent of its own. Jack is such a musical talent and songwriting genious it’s almost kinda scary. It’s just that a lot of people dis-count them after 1 listen. He has pretty much run the gamet with his talent and they are continuously selling records, tickets – I agree somewhat w/ the Zep quote – I would say they compare to Led Zeppelin in that they are so good at what they do – and they are both in their own genre respectively, a style like no other band. Hands down the most energetic and amazing live band. They will go down in the books as being more appreciated after they’re done, I’m sure.

  6. zeb of pittsburgh Says:

    Very good they are definitely on of the best live bands around. Their interpretation of th blues is sublime to say the the least. They may not be the most creative but they understand music history better than all. Just listen to whites guitar and production on the Loretta Lynn album he did and you see his genius. De Stijl and white blood cells are also a testament to their brilliance in their poppy yet almost oxymoronic unpoppiness. Tthey encomass the sixties ans the seventies in their genius. I feel there should be no doubters of their brilliance.

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