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Final Fantasy 7 Remake And Borderlands 3 Release Date Disappointments


There were some fuzz over the Internet regarding the release date of a couple of games namely Final Fantasy VII and Borderlands 3. Basically, both came from reputable long-standing series with multitude of fans worldwide.


Developmental Stage

Most of you might be too young when the game gained its first appearance in 1997. This was when Squaresoft was focused on environmental terrorism and complexes to Oedipus first hit the gaming console population.

Positive Results

The Final Fantasy VII reportedly changed the way the Japanese role-playing games are made. Thus, it has become a worldwide niche as it has become a mainstay of the PlayStation, continuing to thrive until this day.

In fact, many of the fans of RPGs or role playing games consider Final Fantasy VII as the that got them addicted to the franchise. Moreover, it includes the gameplay and the expansive narratives, associated with titles of such genre.

A Long Time To Wait

Nevertheless, the game release dates for the Final Fantasy VII and Borderlands 3 might not amuse fans all over the world. As you can recall, the remake announcement was done in 2013.

The sad thing for the fans is that it might be launched sometime in between 2019 and not later than 2023. Consequently, this is quite a long timeframe to process, given that the game console maker Sony will be entering its final phase in the lifespan of the PS4.

Speculations Led To Disappointments

For this reason, it can’t be denied that speculations arise regarding the development team struggling with this challenging endeavor. Thus, fans consider this disappointing besides the fact that the game will now become episodic instead of being an all-in-one.

2019 And Beyond

Borderlands 3 on the other hand has been anticipated to be released this year. However, a recent announcement has pushed the launch date starting 2019 and beyond. This made fans even more disappointed, knowing that both games will be out of the picture in 2018.

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