Red Ken and Me

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Ken Livingstone is an arse of the first water. Among his many verbal outrages, he once said he looks forward to the Bush Administration being “overthrown” the way Saddam was. So it makes me grimace to have to lock arms and stand in solidarity with him, but I have no choice. My principles allow no other option. He’s right; the British “code” is wrong.

“Elected politicians should only be able to be removed by the voters or for breaking the law.”

And here’s the brutal reality of the world we live in. Our Muslim friends, with their Kaffiyehs still redolent of lighter fluid after torching Norwegian consulates, won’t distinguish Britain from America from Denmark (we don’t extend the same courtesies to them, either), but will lump all this under the “hypocrisy of the West.” Which means that somewhere, somehow, George W. Bush is going to be burned in effigy for this.

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2 Responses to “Red Ken and Me”

  1. Brian in MA Says:

    So then, are we going to act like the “sensitive” liberals of the press and be kicked in the crotch by the nutbars and then plead “please, one more master, I beg you! Emasculate me!”

    Or if they try any such thing are we going to be reshaping the face of the middle east and then renaming it “Crater-stan” because that is all that will be left.

    I won’t be pushed around by the caliphate. If they want it, they should come and get it and we’ll slap their turbans off with a big fat hunk of ham. We’re the freaking US of A, we didn’t give in to Livingstone’s british ancestor King George (who also thought the American government was illegitimate) and we won’t back down to Wahhabist Imam Abdullah al-Fundi either.

    If they want a Holy War using principles based on the 7th Century, its high time we beat the stuffing out of them using principles based on the 21st.

  2. Callimachus Says:

    I didn’t say he was right about anything else. I just said an elected official shouldn’t be removed from office by a non-elected board for talking like an asshat.

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