Rally Blogging.

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Looks like we’re going to the Save Darfur rally in DC this Sunday. I say it ‘looks like’ because although we have plane tickets, and hotel reservations, and have boarded the animals, one can never overestimate my family’s capacity for screwing up even the most settled plans. Used to be there was a one-to-one ratio between plans and actions. As we added kids and middle age that ratio slipped to about three-to-one. Barring last minute crises, however, I’ll be there with the wife and the kids and possibly some idiotic sign.

I wanted to drive, but apparently the prospect of six hours each way listening to me berate other drivers, was less attractive to my wife than a mere hour of listening to me whine about the airlines. So we’re flying. Coach, God help me. And then we’ll have to take public transportation from the hotel in Pentagon City to the Capitol. Airports, airplanes, rental cars, Metro, the chanting of slogans, the off-key singing of John Lennon tunes — gosh it’s everything I like.

I will try to take some pictures and post something on the rally here and at Mighty Middle. I’d like to last long enough to hear Barack Obama speak, but he’ll probably be preceded by quite an array of screeching mini-pols, and the general level of earnestnes and self-satisfaction may be hard for me to take for long.

Still, this is a genuinely important cause, and a good educational opportunity for my kids. “Dad, what’s genocide?” Followed by overly-long and endlessly discursive explanation from pedantic father, followed by, “Oh. Can we get a lemonade?” Followed, almost immediately by, “I have to pee.”

So, it’ll be fun.

All cynicism aside, this is not an issue to ignore. 60 years ago we said “Never Again.” That’s become “Never Again, and Again and Again.” Cambodia, Kosovo, Rwanda, Darfur. We ought, as a species, to have some ability to enforce minimal levels of decency. The deliberate extermination of human beings because they aren’t the right race, or religion, or because they don’t conform to some mad ideological vision, seems to me to be something we can all agree is unacceptable in every case, everywhere. This is not an impossible situation — the smallest concerted effort by the rich and powerful nations of the world could put an end to this.

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5 Responses to “Rally Blogging.”

  1. Michael Says:

    You know not that many people are aware of the situation in Darfur. The media doesn’t cover this kind of stuff and that’s really unfortunate. Once again I’m not really an expert on Darfur but does anyone else listen to the Barack Obama Podcast?

  2. Alan Stewart Carl Says:

    It’s amazing how little attention Darfur gets. This genocide has been going on for well over a year and most of our leaders just shrug. Reublican senators have even stood on the Senate floor crying out that we need to take action … yet nothing happens. Unforgivable.

  3. Me Says:

    The problem is not our leaders.

    France and China have said that they will veto UN Security Council interventions.

    I will be there too! How about a meeting place?

  4. Callimachus Says:

    I’d love to make one of these someday. Since I work most Sundays, that makes it difficult. I’m thinking I’ll aim for one in New York in the spring. Good for you for going. Represent for us curmudgeonly center types, will you? Wear a sock puppet for me.

  5. Bob Aman Says:

    Good for you. “Minimum levels of decency.” That really would be nice for a change.

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