Invitation to Solidarity

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Yehudit sounds the alert for an international effort on behalf of Egyptian dissidents. Their numbers include some bloggers who have a following here in the U.S.

Sandmonkey alerts us to a campaign of worldwide protests in support of jailed Egyptian dissidents, taking place today and tomorrow. The protest in the US are organized by International Campaign of Solidarity with Egyptian Judges and the International Socialist Organization.

This map shows dates, times and locations for protests in a number of cities around the world. Please consider attending if your city is listed and if you can take the time.

Aye. And maybe some of those professors and valedictorians who think it’s the height of heroism to scold war-crippled U.S. senators and concert pianist secretaries of state will upset my opinion of them by standing up for people who speak truth to real power — the kind that has fresh blood on its hobnails.

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One Response to “Invitation to Solidarity”

  1. Pooh Says:

    And perhaps Cal will upset my expectations and pass up the opportunity to lecture others about moral midgetry, but I’m not holding my breath either.

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